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    About Us

    MaxiNovel Pharmaceuticals Co.,Ltd. is a China based biotech company founded in 2016 to focus on the innovative drug research with the global intellectual property rights.

    We carry out first-in-class small molecule drug discovery in the areas of targeted therapy and immunotherapy. Our rapidly expanding product pipeline is mainly composed of programs that target both blood tumors and solid tumors as well as autoimmune diseases. Company’s research platforms encompass oral therapy, radiotherapy, imaging and transdermal therapy.

    We have our R&D and operation centers in China (Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen), the United States and Australia.  Our management team members all have extensive previous working experiences in global pharmaceutical companies and capital markets, more importantly global vision of our company’s future development.

    Our mission is to conduct pharmaceutical innovation to save lives and bring hopes to patients and their families.

    Guangzhou Biomarker and Translational
    Research Center
    ShanghaiR&D and Operation Management Center
    SydneyClinical Operation Management Office
    New JerseyInternational Registration
    & Clinical Operation
    Management Office

    Transdermal Drug
    Delivery R&D Center

    Biomarkers and Translational Medicine
    Drug Development Center
    Clinical center
    New Jersey
    Registration,、clinical center
    Topical formulations R & D Center

    MaxiNovel upholds the people-oriented company philosophy. It motivates employees to help and support each other; encourages everyone to fully utilize one’s creativity and enthusiasm. The company provides a platform for all the employees to realize the company value and personal value at the same time, to share the company success together.

    Culture and Value

    April 2017

    The 6th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition: 1st place in Guangzhou City, 1st place in Guangdong Province, and Top 8 in China.

    April 2018

    MaxiNovel clinical product MAX-40279 has been officially granted the orphan drug qualification by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

    September 2019

    China Shenzhen Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition: The Second prize in the Biomedical sector

    December 2019

    Shenzhen Innovation List organized by Shenzhen Broadcasting Group: MaxiNovel JAK inhibitor treatment of autoimmune alopecia was awarded the most promising entrepreneurial project of the year.

    December 2019

    Nanshan Innovative “Entrepreneurship Star” Competition: 3rd place in the entrepreneurial group of the Biomedical industry competition.

    December 2019

    MaxiNovel has been awarded a grant by the National New Drug Creation Fund for the clinical study of MAX-40279.


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